Start-up FinanceBoost

Crucial Finance Services for Start-Ups without the full-time commitments of a larger team.  From fundraising to financial strategy, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a helping hand with day-to-day accounting, a roadmap for future growth, or a seasoned CFO to guide your financial strategy, Finance Boost has you covered. 

We offer:

  • Individual Services: Tailored solutions for specific needs in Accounting, Financial Planning, or CFO services.
  • Finance Boost Bundle: Our all-encompassing package that combines all these into a seamless, integrated soluti

Finance Boost Bundle

Fed up with juggling multiple financial tasks? Finance Boost by Azotus Capital & Advisors is your go-to solution for all your financial needs.

This bundle includes the following packages:

  1. CFO as a Services (CFOaaS): Get strategic advice from seasoned financial leaders, tailored to your business, without the full-time expense.
  2. Accounting as a Service (AaaS): Leave in-house accounting behind. Our professionals handle everything, ensuring accurate and efficient operations.
  3. Financial Planning as a Service (FPaaS): Receive expert financial planning customized to your preferences. 


Finance Boost goes beyond the sum of its parts. This comprehensive package offers a powerful synergy, giving you a clear financial picture, strategic roadmaps, and expert guidance – all under one roof.

Finance Boost Bundles. Pricing starts from...
$ 600
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
  • Tax & Compliance Services
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • CFO Check- ins Meetings
  • Board & Investor Meetings Support
  • Dedicated Customer Support

CFO as a Service (CFOaaS)

Unlock the power of seasoned financial leadership without the commitment of a full-time CFO with our CFOaaS. 

Picture having a CFO ready to offer strategic financial insights, minus the expense of a full-time executive.

Our CFOs seamlessly integrate with your team, bringing years of financial experience and expertise to the table. They assist in navigating critical financial decisions, optimizing your financial operations, and crafting a roadmap for sustainable growth.

Whether you’re a startup seeking cost-conscious financial guidance, a growing business in need of strategic planning, or a company undergoing a transition, our CFOs offer the right level of expertise precisely when you need it.

Don’t let financial complexities hinder your progress. Harness our Fractional CFO Services to propel your business toward financial success.

Fractional CFO Pricing from...
$ 600
10 Hours
  • Business plan & forecasting: business drivers & KPIs.
  • Continuous engagement: Modeling, budgeting, financial forecast, sales efficiency.
  • Fundraising strategy & support: Pitch, narrative, deck design, investor ready strategy, VC/investor round
  • Maintenance & monitoring: Short & medium-term cash flow, budget vs real, control panel.
  • Business improvements: Global overview of business strategy.

Financial Planning As A Service (FPaaS)

Navigate the maze of financial planning options with ease through our Financial Planning as a Service (FPaaS).

Our flexible subscription or task-based model allows you to access comprehensive financial planning and guidance without the commitment of a full-time FPA team.

Our mission is to empower you to make informed decisions and reach your financial goals.

But we don’t stop at creating a plan – we provide ongoing monitoring and regular updates to keep your financial strategy dynamic.

With FPaaS, rest assured that your financial plan evolves alongside your business objectives and growth trajectory.

Count on us to meet your financial needs with unwavering expertise.


Financial Planning as a Service. Pricing from...
$ 400
  • Dedicated FP&A expert
  • 13 Week Cash Flow
  • Long range Business Model
  • Budgeting - Annual Operating Plans
  • 12-18 Month Cash Flow Plan
  • CFO Meetings
  • Scenario Planning
  • Board/Investor Meetings

Accounting Service (AaaS)

Streamline your financial operations effortlessly with our Accounting as a Service (AaaS).

Bid farewell to the complexities of in-house accounting and embrace a scalable, outsourced solution tailored precisely to your business requirements.

Our team of seasoned accountants takes charge, managing everything from routine bookkeeping to intricate financial reporting.

Say goodbye to the headaches of accounting software and compliance worries – we handle it all.

With AaaS, you gain access to a dedicated team committed to upholding the accuracy and integrity of your financial records.

From daily transactions to month-end closeouts, our professionals ensure your financial data isn’t just managed but optimized for strategic decision-making.

Let us be your trusted accounting partner, freeing you to focus on what you do best – propelling your business forward.

We offer tailored packages. Pricing from...
$ 250
  • Dedicated bookkeeping expert
  • Monthly bookkeeping, reconciliations, & financial reports.
  • Expedited books delivery
  • Monthly call reviews
  • AR/AP Tracking
  • Support for multiple entities & locations
  • Accrual & cash bookkeeping supported


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