Our Business

Azotus Capital and Advisors is a financial advisory firm that provides outstanding services to Start-Ups, Businesses, and Investors in Africa. Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve their desired financial outcomes through our ruthless execution ability.

Our Experts

We have built an impressive network of experts. These have been meticulously chosen based on a combination of skills, qualifications, and job suitability.
Our team boasts a wealth of experience through many successful engagements in Africa, having collaborated with an array of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, global foundations, and governments.
Our consultants have not only originated from leading consulting firms but have also spent years gaining valuable experience in a variety of industries. We are confident that our team’s diverse expertise and determination to provide the best solutions will surpass your expectations and deliver the desired outcomes.

Our Values

Our Values are the intangibles that we bring to the table in all our mandates. These values differentiate us.

Value Creation

Value creation means generating outcomes that exceed the resources invested. We thrive on identifying opportunities that deliver greater worth or utility to customers.

Ruthless Execution

Execution is the ability to efficiently turn plans into results. Our Ruthless Execution takes it a step further, with a relentless focus on achieving goals with discipline.


Innovation means finding better solutions, creating value, and staying ahead. We thrive on adaptability, growth, and sustainability in our solutions.

Our Pricing

We believe in transparent and fair pricing. Our pricing policy is designed with your needs in mind, ensuring clarity, predictability, affordability, and value.

Transparent & Predictable Pricing

At Azotus Capital & Advisors, we believe clear pricing shouldn't be a mystery. We prioritize transparency so you know exactly what you're getting:
No Hidden Fees: Our upfront pricing avoids surprises. You only pay for the services you choose.
Fixed or Capped Rates: Whenever possible, we offer fixed prices for services. For variable engagements, we establish clear caps before we begin.

Affordable & Value Pricing

We understand the needs of growing businesses. That's why we offer:
Competitive Rates: Our services are priced to be a strong financial decision compared to hiring full-time staff.
Global Accessibility: We offer serious discounts tailored to your location and currency.